Journaling Tips: Write Different-ly

by Amber Lea Starfire on May 19, 2013

Child's Play

In a rut with your journal writing, basically saying the same things over and over? Want to be more creative? Consider the following tips to Write Different-ly:

Upside down
In pencil
Lying on the floor
In bed
Out of bed
In the garden
At the Library
With crayons, or
Write poetry
Under a tree
in the parking strip
next to your office
With a friend
With your dog
On a swing
or slide
Watching children play
In the sandbox, or

At the beach
With paint
India ink
In the margins
of your newspaper
a children’s picture book
In the margins
of your favorite classic
In clay
like those fingerprints
of your youngest child
is the best way
to be creative.


Photo by Fishin Widow

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