Writing Tools: Evernote

by Amber Lea Starfire on March 18, 2013

EvernoteLogoEvernote isn’t perfect, and it has limitations, but it’s probably my most-used app at this time for journaling, freewriting, capturing ideas, and writing blog posts. Here’s why:

  • The Evernote app is free
  • It’s on all my devices — my computer, my iPhone, and my iPad, AND in the cloud (the Internet)
  • It syncs seamlessly and automatically between all my devices
  • It’s easy to organize different notebooks for different purposes
  • It’s versatile, allowing me to capture web pages, research, pdf’s, photography, video, and sound recordings, all in one place

Of these reasons, the fact that Evernote syncs my notebooks to all devices and the cloud without my thinking about it or initiating the sync is the most compelling. If I write anything in Evernote, it’s immediately accessible to me elsewhere. For someone who is constantly on the run, this feature overrides Evernote’s weaknesses: it has limited formatting options (for example, I have no control over line spacing or number and bullet formatting); I can’t zoom in or out to change the view — if I want to see larger type, I have to change the font size; Evernote does not sync with my WordPress site, as MacJournal does; and I can group notebooks only into two levels. But these are limitations I’m willing to accept all for the convenience of that unthinking sync.

The difference is the cloud. MacJournal and many other journaling apps, though available on my computer and IOS devices, do not exist on the cloud. If I want to sync my devices, I have to open the app and tell it to sync. For example, if I create an entry on my iPad, it will not show up on my computer without first ensuring that both are on the same network and then launching a sync command. In contrast, Evernote syncs my iPad with the cloud version and the next time I open the app — on any of my devices or computer — my entry is already there and waiting for me to read, edit, or continue writing.

And, perhaps best of all, I can access my work from any computer that is connected to the internet. Evernote on the Web constantly updates all of my computers and devices with the latest versions of my notes.

Do you use Evernote? If so, how do you use it? If you’ve not heard of or used Evernote, try it out and then let me know what you think. Here’s the link: evernote.com.


Note: I have no financial interest in Evernote and the statements in this post are purely personal opinion. If you would like to see an article about another writing or journaling tool — electronic or not — please leave a comment.

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